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Hop on the Fundtruck to fast-track your startup’s growth

France is buzzing with innovation. According to an article in Forbes, last year, France beat the U.K. in the overall number of technology startup investment deals for the first time in five years. To fuel this creative energy, Fundtruck, a contest created by investment platform Sowefund, is working on promoting entrepreneurship in the country and increasing the visibility of young French companies.

The concept of the event is unique — young entrepreneurs are invited on board a “food truck” and taken to meet all the members of the ecosystem such as investors, successful entrepreneurs, local representatives, media, and so on. In three years, more than 540 companies have applied to participate in the contest and benefitted from the opportunity to test their idea with entrepreneurship professionals. The event helps participants to sharpen their rhetoric and refine their concept with the expert advice of successful entrepreneurs.

The next stops of the Fundtruck are Lyon (September 12), Nantes (September 18) and Paris (September 20 and 25). If you’re looking for a short or medium-term fundraiser, you can apply for the competition at For further details, visit


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