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SKEMA Ventures Bootcamp Paris

Bootcamp Paris: Get support to launch your business project

If you are planning to launch or strengthen your business project, you will need some guidance and support to ensure it is done in the best possible way. To assist you with this, SKEMA Venture is organising the first-ever three-day online Bootcamp from May 11 to 13. Read this article for details and register.

Sublimeurs - Lille

Une belle note de solidarité dans un monde économiquement confiné

Le COVID-19 perturbe toute notre Economie et oblige à être réactif. Ainsi, afin d’aider les restaurateurs qui peuvent encore produire des plats et des producteurs qui peuvent encore les fournir, Sublimeurs a créé et mis en ligne en un temps record une offre de « click & collect » pour venir en aide à ses partenaires. Nous nous sommes entretenus avec Alaude Lefebvre (SK 2019), fondatrice de Sublimeurs.

Whympr-Timothy MacLean

Whympr raises €440K with SKEMA Ventures and Sowefund’s support

Whympr, an application dedicated to mountain enthusiasts cofounded by SKEMA alumnus Timothy MacLean, recently concluded an equity crowdfunding campaign through which it raised a whooping €440,000. The campaign had been initiated by Tim and was organized with the support of SKEMA Ventures and its partner Sowefund. Read this article to know more about it.